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Our philosophy

While Delbôve cosmetics are today experiencing a renaissance, we do so with the greatest scientific and philosophical respect for the fundamentals, values and formulas of their creators, Roger & Marion Delbôve, in the 1960s – with one purpose only: to reveal your beauty.

Homeostasis first and foremost

In the 1960s, Roger & Marion Delbôve discovered the theory that embodies their scientific conviction: homeostasis. According to this concept, all living systems are capable of maintaining or regaining, by themselves, a state of balance suitable for them to function properly, despite the external constraints to which they are subjected. Convinced that skin is a living organ and not just a protective covering, Roger and Marion Delbôve sought to provide it with everything that can help it to maintain this state of dynamic balance, in order to safeguard its health. This is not by using products that, through artificial chemical stimulation, attempt to make up for, or superficially correct, a deficiency or weakness, but in fact by using natural active substances, that stimulate its surface, so that your skin re-establishes, by itself, its natural spontaneous functions: metabolisation, absorption, elimination, hydration, thermoregulation, perception, protection, regeneration, restoration of the hydrolipidic barrier.

Mixology, noble ingredients and natural actives

In order to further strengthen this approach, Delbôve products are formulated so as to be combined and mixed with each other, to meet the needs of each user. The Crème Sorcière+Eau Sorcière Beauty Ritual is the basis of this mixology: their emulsification makes it possible to multiply the effects of each. Other creams in the range can also be emulsified as needed. The masks combine on different parts of the face, during any given treatment. There is no “crème de jour/crème de nuit” distinction: all of the formulas work in synergy and each one is surprisingly versatile, increasing its uses. You alone decide the combination that works best for you!

Furthermore, having observed the imbalances caused by chemical formulas on the living organism that is the skin, Roger and Marion Delbôve turned to nature, which they saw as the only source capable of providing the active ingredients necessary to balance it. Thus Delbôve products are developed from medicinal plants and noble ingredients, all selected according to strict scientific principles. In order to preserve as much as possible the plants’ active properties, these are subject either to maceration (a solution packed with the benefits of the plant is obtained: the mother tincture), or a distillation (a concentrate of active ingredients is obtained: essential oil). Each Delbôve treatment thereby benefits from a maximum amount of ingredients of natural origin and, as much as possible, originating from organic agriculture.