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The Sorcière Beauty Ritual

Crème Sorcière & Eau Sorcière

The twin beacons of the Delbôve range and basis of all treatments, Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière were developed to combine the benefits of their active ingredients, during a unique Beauty Ritual aimed to both regenerate and rebalance your skin.  To better reveal your beauty.


 A magical synergy, your skin rebalanced

Reunited in a twice-daily emulsion, Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière, form a unique and magical synergy. A cleansing and a treatment care, at the same time, this emulsion safeguards the hydrolipidic film of your skin, a natural and invisible barrier against external attacks, allowing your skin to restore its natural and essential balance.

A spellbinding Ritual, cleansing & regenerating

Our Crème Sorcière, which is rich in plant extracts, produces a cleansing emulsion when mixed with our Eau Sorcière, thereby replacing soap, make-up remover and toner. Thanks to its protective, regenerative, softening and antioxidant properties, it heals and, without artificially making the tissues puffy, helps your skin to regain its balance and its natural beauty, through homeostasis. Your skin regains its autonomy, the capacity to accomplish all of its natural functions by itself, including its essential spontaneous hydration.

Our Eau Sorcière, a genuine Eau de Beauté, is a distillate developed from medicinal plants with specifically soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, which give it its surprising virtues. It is formulated to be in perfect synergy with the active ingredients of the Crème Sorcière, in order to offer this holistic approach, which was much sought after by Roger and Marion Delbôve . . . to reveal your beauty.

Beware: You could become addicted!

This Beauty Ritual, has two requirements: perseverance and, in the beginning, a little patience. The reason for this is that, in addition to its intrinsic qualities, it also possesses the quality of not promising you results in a flash (which very often are short-lived).

As the days go by, you will no longer be able to go without this beneficial moment of sensuality: the pleasure of the texture of the Emulsion Sorcière between your fingers, the delicate fragrances that is releases, when you bring your hands close to your face, the happiness of learning and repeating steps that are both gentle and toning, and will stimulate microcirculation, the feeling of pleasure and overall relaxation… Then come the noticeable results, in terms of your skin and your well-being, which will only serve as additional motivation!

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